Snowflake Reverse Engineering ( bring exiting project in SqlDBM )

Accessing “Reverse Engineering” for Snowflake Data Warehouses is very straight forward, similar to other database types.

Please follow steps mentioned below:

1 - Just click on left bottom Reverse Engineering tab and paste your existing DDL and then click upload icon.

Image 436

2 - At "Snowflake UI" type following SQL in query window 


Image 437

3 - From Snowflake UI copy results of your SQL 

Image 438

4 - Paste this SQL in Reverse Engineer tab of SqlDBM  and Click on "Upload Script" button

Image 440

5 - Click "Import"

Image 441

6 - All tables should appear in your "Reverse Engineer" Diagram

Image 442

7 - Save your project by clicking on "Save" button

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