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Enhancement Request in Database Explorer - Separate Search for Schema, Table, Column

kenneth wood 8 months ago updated by Retinder Labana 8 months ago 1

First, I really like that the search feature in Database Explorer now looks at both Table and Column names.

Request: I'd like to request an additional improvement to make it even more usable -

Allow separate search fields on Schema, Table, and Column names...

Example use case: I wanted to search for all tables with the name "stripe" in them, then look at all the columns for those tables, but with the current feature many or all the columns were hidden because the column names themselves didn't have the string "stripe" in them.  

This improvement would allow me to be able to fine-tune the searches in a project.


Under review

Hi Kenneth,

Thank you for reaching out to support. We will forward this suggestion to our products team. 

Retinder Labana