how to create Alternate Key / Unique Keys?

sbhatti 11 months ago updated by hannah gryska 10 months ago 3

Hi Team

I need to create alternative key with 3-4 columns
When I click on Index + icon, I did not allow me to change the index type. How can I change the index type and show the AK icon on Table's column?

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Shahbaz Bhatti

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Hi Shahbaz, 

Please review the following documents for step-by-step guide on how to add an alternate key. 

Please let me know if this doucment helped. 

Retinder Labana

Hi Shahbaz,

I will be closing this ticket for now. Please let me know if the information shared earlier did not help and you would like to continue with this ticket. In that case we will be more than happen to re-open the ticket. 

Retinder Labana