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Changing subject area triggers a Save

Brad 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 4

When I select a subject area, from the drop down list, and SqlDBM displays the new subject area and initial diagram, the Save button is highlighted, indicating a Save is needed. 

However, nothing has changed. This causes a non-needed roll in version number

Under review

Hi Brad, 

This is Retinder from the support team.  Thank you for reaching out to us. 

Just to clarify the issue you are facing is the following:
The tool indicated a change has been made when the subject area of an existing diagram is changed, even though the DDL has not been changed. 

This is an expected behavior.  The changes are recorded so the correct order and filter can be represented in Confluence. 

Proposed solution:
- You can group your revisions together by changing the revision names
- You can also flag revisions

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns

Retinder Labana

There are no data architecture changes, nor associated DDL changes, made when changing subject areas; therefore, there is no architectural need for a data model revision number roll.  The proposed solutions requires us to take more time to manage something that shouldn't need management.

If I'm giving a walkthrough of a data model to the DE team, and have 6 subjects areas to cover, that means the data model will have 6 revision number rolls, for no benefit to the architectural process. 

Another thing to consider is if there are KPIs around managing revisions; having revisions not tied to data modeling effort and cause incorrect KPIs and subsequent management actions.

Also, if I release a data model to the DE team, indicating revision 123 is what they should pull, and its now up to 128 due to people looking at the data model, it can cause confusion and slow time to market.

Confluence is not part of the actual architectural process but rather more on the documentation / admin side. This should not impact the architectural design aspect and effort. 

This admin effort should be managed behind the scenes and not directly impact the data modeling design effort.

Hi Bard, 

I understand clicking save for non-DDL changes and the version number increment is something that is not ideal.

I would like to inform you that we are building a solution that will solve that issue. In the meantime, I would like to propose the following things:
- You do not have to check to save every time
- If you choose not to save, a draft will be created for you to pull (if you wish) the next time you open the project
- You also have the option to revert to a previous revision, if you see revisions made that you did not want
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns Brad. I will be more than happy to help 

Retinder Labana

Thanks, Retinder, for the update and good news on the upcoming change around version increments.  

As an FYI, earlier we had issues where the drafts were not being saved across laptop restarts, so now we save quite often, so we don't lose work. I believe I turned in a ticket on this and also talked to Gabby and Serge then.