allow creating extended properties

rmathis 1 year ago updated by Retinder Labana 1 year ago 1

We often have the requirement to extend the metamodel of the data modeling tool. For example, we would like to add properties on a table and column level, in order to add more meta information to the data model. E.g. adding a property like "is sensitve" in order to document attributes with sensitive information in it.

As long as this feature is not available, we do not consider to use SqlDBM.


Thank you for contacting us. 

We provide the ability to mark your tables and columns with flags to identify them as PII, GDPR or any business categories.  Documentation explaining Object Flagging has been linked here: https://intercom.help/SqlDBMhelpcenter/en/articles/6118899-object-flagging-standard-enterprise

If you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us. 

Retinder Labana