Error: Sequence contains no matching element

kpmgnorway+nfr 1 year ago updated by hannah gryska 1 year ago 3

I am not able to save my current project due to this error showing up after hitting the save button: "Sequence contains no matching element". I can't find any object or place in my tables, columns or indexes referring to a sequence and I am not being told specifically by the error message where to look. 


Image 2487

At some point I chose to turn on  this Identity box and then uncheck it later. If I turn it on it wants me to specify a start and an increment, so basically a sequence, but I wonder if somehow this sequence object has not been properly cleared after I chose to uncheck the identity box later.


I refreshed the cache and the problem solved itself. I was afraid to do it at first as I thought refreshing the webpage would make me lose my unsaved progress based on the pop-up Edge gave me  basically telling me unsaved drafts will be lost. Didn't lose any progress when I chose to refresh. I will keep the post here in case anyone else run into the same issue


Thank you for the updates and alerting the community!