indexes not saving

alan 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

This was working last week, but recently indexes aren't saving.  You can add them in the panel to the right, and they are in the list, but sometimes it doesn't show in the sql generation--or vice versa--you can see them in the sql generation but on in the panel.  When you save, and reload, all indexes are missing that aren't foreign keys.  

This happens in multiple projects, not just one.  I attempted to use the default index name_### and it appears to work better, but still not 100%.  



Hi Alan,  I'm having a similar thing where my model have lost over 100 indexes.  The FK constraints and PK's exists still but any performance index no longer exists.  I have also gone into older revisions of my model and they have disappeared from there so it looks to be a software issue.

Sounds like same issue. I did notice also that my unique indexes were intact.  I hope they can get this resolved soon.