Reverse Engineering/DDL Support for SQL Server Column Masking

Darrell Reinke 4 years ago updated by hannah gryska 2 years ago 3

My team is trying to reverse engineer a SQL Server table that has masking syntax and we are encountering a issue where SQLDM is giving us the following statment, "Incorrect Syntax near: 'MASKED'"  Does your tool support masking DDL syntax?

Update:  We stripped the masking out of the DDL and it imported successfully.


SqlDBM does not support masking DDL syntax as of now.

Hopefully, later this year, this will be added.


Team - SqlDBM

Hi there,

It seems like SqlDBM still does not support the masking DDL syntax, is this something coming soon?


Hi Jessica, though we hoped to add this to our feature list, we still do not support this.  We do have this on our roadmap, but it is not on our immediate roadmap.