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Primary Key bug on mySQL export

josepheaorle 6 years ago updated by Support 6 years ago 5

I love this software but I encountered an annoying bug and figured I should report it. I created a somewhat basic MySQL relational database which contains three tables which have only two foreign keys each, artist_groups, group_songs, and artist_songs 

Image 107

next I exported the SQL script

Image 110

now all three of these tables should not contain any primary key,. but only two columns that are foreign keys, but there are lines of code which reference a primary key in only two of these tables at lines 100 and 118. The lines are also bad syntax and throwing errors shown below in SQL workbench

Image 111

however when I delete those lines the errors go away and my SQL code executes

Image 112

anyway I just thought that is was odd that it seemed to be attempting to put primary keys on two of my tables, artist_songs, and artist_groups, but not on the third table, group_songs. none of those tables contain primary keys, only two foreign keys.

Under review

Glad you liked the tool and thank you for reporting this issue. 

We will look into the issue and get back soon.

hi (from philippines, not fluent in english)

i think that according to your design, you wanted to make a list categorized by artist groups, artist songs, and group songs.

why not just make a table which is designed to inquire to other existing tables with primary keys?

manipulate which data will be shown. 

just sayin (filipino me)

yes you may be right that I should be including primary keys, however I had trouble doing so without accidentally creating extra rows in tables that were not needed (they were added automatically). It's been many years since I designed databases and I learned Visio in college for the purposes that I'm using your app for. There was probably an element of user error not being to able to get it to work that way...so I left out the primary key entirely because I figured I could add it later...shrug...It created the relationships the way I wanted so I went with it and then noticed the error in the script. I was able to fix the script by hand anyway but I thought the bug seemed strange...actually now what I'm probably going to end up doing is poking around with it more to get a PK and two FKs for each many to many table that I need.