Changes detected when dragging / moving the diagram with the mouse

ccostedoat 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 8

Quite a simple problem here: when I drag (or move) the diagram to sides, it automatically saves a local draft which means that changes are being detected.
I'm not sure if this is a feature or not (I think not), because just moving the diagrams around is quite a common thing, and sometimes it's really hard to know if I actually made changes before, of if I just clicked and moved !

I hope you understand the problem, if not I'll try to make a video.

Thanks in advance!

I just noticed that zooming out and zooming in also triggers a draft save!

Under review

Agree, that any change (even if it visual change only like zoom or moving diagram objects), tool considers that change should be saved by user (or at least diagram is different than original), which can be unpleasant in case user does not want to save changes. 

To resolve this issue, we are planning to put a button "Edit", which needs to be clicked if user wants to save, otherwise tool will not bother user by alerting that you have unsaved changes.

Let us know your thoughts or if you have any other solution/s.

Your solution sound great.
Maybe an option could also be added to ignore aesthetic changes? (Zooming, dragging, etc)

It never hurts to give more customization choices to the user !


I like your idea about "ignore  aesthetic changes" option for the user. 

I will surely pass this to our development team when we implement it.


 This ticket was converted into idea

If not too late to add to this I would recommend that moving and zooming don't cause a change (i.e. a draft is not saved) however if an actual change is made to the diagram then the position and zoom are also saved (and so are restored when the diagram is reopened).